A bunch of stuff is getting ordered/delivered tomorrow from CostCo. Everyone is stocking up (simply because it is Winter perhaps? Or maybe because of COVID, as well?), and I am really no different. I’m getting fruit, oatmeal, Cascade, TP, instant coffee, eggs, bread, Diet Pepsi, etc. So, I should be set for a while.nnI am looking forward to ordering the Nokia G20 phone in December, too, even though I would prefer to just *NOT* get a new phone at all. I’d get another year out of the G7 Power, if I could. But, there are *some* benefits to the G20, I suppose (bigger screen, battery, blah, blah), but again, more or less a “necessary purchase”, as I don’t view a smartphone as a “luxury” in modern times (even though many people treat them just as that – a luxurious “toy” that is there for their endless amusement).nnAnd speaking of phones, I will be mobile-only for a while (for fun) I think. I am hammering out this blog post via MX Keys Bluetooth’d in to the G7 Power (the virtual keyboard is getting shittier on this device, as well (bad hit detection, etc.)), but the real reason I am using the phone for reading/writing/anything at all, is because I am getting kinda bored with always tethering to the MacBook, and then *babying* that tethered connection via PDAnet+. It *always* drops the connection when I load up a big web page. And I even paid the $7 for a “Premium” version of the service, thinking that would solve the issue, but it just made it so the tethering didn’t arbitrarily drop out after a set period of time (as part as a Freemium incentive to get me to upgrade (it worked)). No dropped pages or tethering to deal with when the data is coming straight from my phone, though, so I will just continue to use it for a while. And same will go for the G20 – I’ll buy a case and a smartphone stand (B&H Photo, probably) and just read/write from the phone, itself. A format I am familiar with, that I enjoy from time to time, to keep me “rooted” to what it is that I *actually* need when it comes to computational needs – a damn phone and a keyboard to blog with.nnThat’s allnnBack later

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