I don’t feel my writing as “evolved”, or even “improved” over the past couple of years, but I still feel the need to use a good, well-rounded, and fully-featured blogging platform at some point in the future. I DO like the simplicity/security that offers, but there’s a fair amount of tradeoff for those things (which it doesn’t have to be that way, but it *is* that way, regardless).nnI need a place to go (and I am considering Ghost(.org), by the way) that has an active community (of people who have both technical knowledge and a community of writers, as well), and also has forums that get proper responses, maintainers that stay “on top” of the software they release (and charge $$$ for), and, you know, have more than a handful of people volunteering to make sure everything doesn’t crash and burn to ash.nnThis may sound harsh considering how much I’ve talked positively about W.a in the past – but I can only be thrown so many server errors, and have my site (as well as R.w.a) freeze up on me, and everything else go haywire until I (yes, even me) become a disgruntled customer. Which is all I am at the end of the day.nnSo, at least with Ghost, *I* will be the one in charge of the server, and I can be assured that the software I have running ON that server gets maintained by higher qualified, more knowledgeable people that I (I can run `sudo apt-get update` all I want, but if things aren’t working on *their* end, I am helpless).nnI also don’t like idol worship and ring-kissing (not that that wouldn’t occur on Ghost, but at least I wouldn’t be PAYING for a platform that supports it), and there is a fairly good “ring of rings being kissed” on the dWeb, or small web, or whatever one wants to call it. I won’t name names, but if someone knows of *this* blog and has spent any amount of time on R.w.a or Mastodon, you pretty well know who the “micro-influencers” are, the gatekeepers, those who *adore* having admiration and adulation. It’s less about having an ego, and *much* more about egocentric behavior for those folks. People truly ignorant of the flavor of humble pie.nnIt’s yet another reason I cannot/will not use Twitter ever again, no one has any semblance of self-dignity on a service like that. Shameless ass-kissing to the extent that they would be willing to offer up their first newborn for a “Like” from someone they admire. W.a is going by way of this, too, with the introduction of (which I thought would be something completely different than what has been shared). “Portable, privacy-first comments” turned into “personal R.w.a feed”.nn…oknnI just don’t want any of that. nnThat’s just me, though. I don’t need/want a “new(er) age” solution to life’s existential problems with something that scratches the itch of vanity through use of the Internet. Just let me write. *I’ll* figure out what to do with what’s written, how “reach” gets achieved (if I desired such – I do not), and “life hacking” a way to smallform relevance isn’t going to make anyone’s life into a better place. Especially not mine.nnThe end

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