I gotta say that since The Montana Excursion, I’ve seen things differently. Not as if they (elements of life) are better or worse – just different. More clear.nnI know that I feel trapped. Trapped in my apartment. It’s not “as bad” as when I was living with my folks in 2004/5 (that was definitely *the* worst!), but there are still many elements of negativity in the place I am at now. Namely:nn- noise from the neighbor below (her blaring TV, sporadic screams – a typical case of a person who belongs in a home, but gets “put up” in an apartment so as to not bring embarrassment/shame to rich family members involved (which NO ONE benefits from in the long run))n- the barking dog at the end of the breezeway nnThese two (major) complaints alone are enough for me to want to move. And I moved within this complex before, and I figure: “two strikes and you’re out”. So I would want to move to another location, either way.nnBut I somehow don’t feel that I *can* move to another location. I can/will look at the apartments (townhouses) town the road from here, near QT gas station, and see what becomes available. But anything short from that, I cannot leave the area. nnwe’ll see

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