"better man"

I am listening to the ONE song I like by Pearl Jam, "Better Man". Even during the height of their fame in the early-90's when I was head first into music (and I still am), and I was still new to learning about Rock, Metal, and (as everyone at the time) Grunge/Alternative music, I remember the "relevance" of songs of those years. Most notably with PJ, though, was the fact that nearly everyone thought the song "Jeremy" was by Nirvana. I didn't see why. It didn't sound at all like Nirvana. But then again, I just knew for a fact that "Jeremy" was a song (that I wasn't thrilled with) by Pearl Jam. But the song "Better Man" - delightful. Melodic calmness in the chorus that is just...good!

I am having coffee at this 1:00 AM hour. Not thinking too deeply on anything, because there's not really a need to.

I got nothin' else. LMAO!


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