I thought it would be cool to put all my “best” decisions of 2021 into one place (not an exhaustive list, but a good list, nonetheless).nn- switching from cheapo D&R blend pipe tobacco to H&H *good* (VA/Per) pipe tobacconn- continuing with the web dev journey and deciding that a *proper* gitflow is what I needed to make things better/easiernn- unlisting from – even though I still read it all the time, I want to be off of there, because I write too much, and don’t want people’s posts to be pushed down the feed. And also because I am write more freely when I am just publishing here without it “going” anywhere (besides a Mastodon feed (somewhere) and whoever subs via e-mail and RSS).nn- getting both shots of Moderna (even though it was obvious to me)nn- paying for ProtonMail Premium (a lot of good things can be done with it (+ ProtonDrive!))nn- continuing to decorate the apartment, make it feel more like home – getting comfortablenn- continuing the weight loss journey (even though hiking this season got delayed due to a leg injury, I’ll be back at it in mid-December!)nn- continuing with the daily blogging (nothing new there, but I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon)nn- deciding to get into the Revolut Card world (which is a *decision* I made in 2021, but haven’t actually *done* it, yet, because I need to get my other debit card renewed first in order to transfer funds to the Revolut account (long story))nnThere are other things I did in 2021 that I am happy with, grateful for, etc. – but really just glad to have peace and health. Good times.

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