being neighborly, even as I resist the pungent aroma of rot

I woke up (again) this AM at 10:00. I ended up sleeping at 6:00, and four hours is what I needed, so that's what I got, and then I was up for the day.

The first thing I did was check my e-mail, and respond to/take action on a few of those.

Then, I went straight out the door to go to Schnucks to start the day with a cold pop, instead of coffee, because I was in "pop mode".

On the way, Neighbor "S" called me over and asked if I could fetch a pack of non-filters from BP for him, as the heat is too much for him (92 degrees currently). So, off I went to BP, then a cig on his balcony, and then off to Schnucks.

The convo was brief, and the cig was puffed quickly as I talked with Neighbor "S" in his breezeway, because a perpetual aroma of pungent rot was in the air, and we couldn't identifiy what the fuck it was, where it was coming from. Quite that of spoiled milk, it seemed to permeate the breezeway, and only the breezeway. I puffed the cig, stamped the butt, and said "I'll see ya later on", as I simultaneously held in my breath so as to not catch another wiff of whatever the fuck died in that vacinity.

Then I hit up Schnucks, and got a couple sodas for the day, and am home now making crispy, thin-cut fries, and sipping away on the Mt Dew Code Red as I write this.

Heat continues on today, and I have no complaints with that. The humidity is low, thankfully.

I promised Neighbor "S" that I would stop by later, as one of his relatives is paying him his money today (I guess as sort of a conservator type of deal - not to divulge the guys business all over the Internet ::shrug::). So I will be making a trek to BP for him again later. This time for a carton of non-filters, as the heat is a live/die scenario for some folks - I know I was in that position just two years back.

Oh, and this bench just outside of Neighbor "S"'s apartment building. Snapped on the return from BP this morning:

Plants, buckets, planters, hummgbird feeders, mini grills, and other botanical ephemera to make the otherwise drab apartment lot a bit more like backyard.

Couldn't do something like this at the property I lived before (Pevely Pointe), as some gacked out maniac would probably try to swipe a fucking feeder stand and pawn it for meth money.

Glad to be here. Not there.


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