So, tonight has been a calm, chill night. And I sit in my kitchen, heating water for coffee, and listen to the raindrops outside the sliding glass door, and smell/feel the warm-ish/cool-ish air fill my apartment. Spring rains are the best.nnI am also reminded to be more “at peace” with myself and my surroundings. It’s weather like this that always brings me back to that “state of mind” – that of continually *striving for* calm, while simultaneously *staying* calm in the moment.nnI think this deliberate state of mind is the best way for me to not just stay at peace, and remain calm, but also assist in the blood pressure situation. Medication will have to get involved at some point here, too, but, in the meantime (regardless of meds or BP) I will BE calm.nnNow, I sip the coffee, and feel the gentle breeze flow through my apartment from the open door and floor fan running in the adjacent room.nnback soon

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