I wrote the other day about the archives of **TMO**, and I wrote about how I wish I could’ve exported stuff from my old Tumblr blog (which I simply called **Tomksee** (.com)), and I also wish I had been able to export things from my *first* (real) blog, **Notorious News** on Blogger (in fact, I think there may have been an option to do that (export the contents), but I decided not to do so). And now I have this **TMO** mountain of posts sitting below me (which I am fine with/proud of), but, being an “Internet Scuttlebutt”, or, taking your (my) digital home with me wherever I go, is a thing I plan on keeping up for…the rest of my life.nnI have no special insights as to why this is a good thing, or if it even *is* a good thing (I am certainly no authority), just saying it is good to have a record sometimes, is all. And if not, no big deal. Start fresh, challenge again! (AVGN reference there, lol!)

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