...since I had a debit card I can put money ONTO. I do have a debit card that has direct deposit on it, but as far as small, one (or more) time charges in the form of deposits onto that card, it cannot do it. In some ways, it is better/safer this way, but only insofar as I do not have to bother with a traditional banking account where I would be charged late fees, and overdraft fees, and minimum account balance fees, and every other damn thing under the sun that they hit you with in exchange for giving THEM the privilege of loaning out YOUR money. Fxxx banks.

Anyhow, Revolut solves some things in some ways - but a good, fee-less bank account would be ideal (however, I doubt one exists - in the United States, anyway). So, I have no immediate and sudden plans to utilize this card, but it is activated and has a safe place in my wallet (physical wallet) now, and I also have the Revolut app on my phone, of course, and that is where everything is managed for the card, primarily.

Fun stuff

I had to make room in my wallet (which is a super slim wallet) for the card, as six cards are one too many, and I ever put cash in there (cash is kept next to the wallet in the same pocket), so I removed my laundry card until the days that I have to do laundry. If I ever forget the laundry card when I am at the laundromat, I would simply go across the courtyard and up a flight of stairs and retrieve it, no harm, no foul. As where if I am caught without any one of the other cards in my wallet, it could be a big hassle. Priorities.

big checklist stuffs

So, let's take a look at the checklist of things that have been done/need to get done (that I wrote about obsessively on my old blog, tmo.name ):

things that got done

  • get a COVID booster - DONE!
  • get a Missouri State Real ID - DONE!
  • get a replacement debit card for my primary debit card - DONE!
  • get a 1TB external SSD for document/photo/writing backup (or "Life Archive") - DONE!
  • migrate away from the old blog and self-host using Ghost software - DONE!
  • get a Revolut Card for spending/saving backup - DONE!

things that need to be done

  • get a U.S. Passport made - SOON
  • put $120+ on my Linode account - SOON

I am not 100% thrilled about, nor obsessed with "plans", in general, but it is a good thing to have a few things straightened out so I do not have to worry about them at some other time later. Just trying to be responsible, is all (which I incidentally am pretty good at ;))

back soon

[ Edit : Added the Revolut Card bullet point to the list, as I had forgotten, even though that is what a lot of this post was about. LOL!]