Just been zoning out on YouTube, mostly. LOL! Having coffee, and then getting sick from the ‘za consumed earlier, which makes me think I should stop eating pizza altogether, but who knows if that will ever happen?nnBut, I feel better now. And the day has been hustlin’/bustlin’ outside with leaf blowers, neighbors, cars, trucks, and everything else going by in the parking lot – a normal busy Sunday.nnI more or less finalized my budget, as well, which I thought I had done before, but it wasn’t 100% final. And then I scrolled through Standard Notes a bit, and realized that I *need* to get a standard Missouri State ID made. They are calling it a “Real ID”, which is going to be required of all US residents in order to board an airline, or do other “official business” in the US in the future. There has been talk in the family of everyone getting Passports made, but I don’t see a need for a Passport for the time being, but, in time I will definitely get one.nnI tell ya, it was a pertinent thing for me to get some paperwork together in the past several weeks (which turned into months) for various reasons, and I just put a fire to my ass about just *getting it done*, and I need to do the same with some other loose ends with me, with life. Not so much “*me*”, but with things I need to have that have been put on the back burner again and again and again and again.nn1) get a Missouri Real ID made (I have my Social Security card + birth certificate and all that documentation ready to go)nn2) get a COVID-19 booster from Schnucks (literally two blocks away) ASAPnn3) get a replacement debit card (it expires soon)nn4) get a Revolut Card for a secondary banking optionnn5) get a US Passport (optional)nnSo, those are five(5) *new* things I have to get on top of soon, but there are nine(9) things I need to get done in total. Including:nn- order meds from pharmacy tomorrow (Monday, Nov. 29)n- Put $120 on my Linode account so I am not paying monthly (It’s a safe bet, as I am not going to “distro hop” through VPS providers like some folks do Linux flavors or *this* or *that* – I’m sticking with Linode)n- pay for ProtonMail Premium (necessity)n- cancel all unused domain names (leaving me with,,, and nothing else)nn…and that’s it.nnJust getting sxxx together, is allnnBack later

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