Been raining, sleeting, snowing, overcast the entirety of the day. It's been silent, dark and cold here, and as I observed on tmo, the Internet took a sick day, it seems.

Me? I just took another Amoxicillin, and I continue the battle for being infection-free soon enough. I also started dishes, and am having soda, even though soda + coffee (having them back-to-back) has been giving me way too much energy (and I think high blood pressure), so I have been avoiding "mixing" the two. Instead, I have just had soda most of the day, because I happen to have soda on hand.

The therapy appointment for next week has not been scheduled, yet, because the counselor has not gotten back to me (via text). I assume it will be Tue or Thur, but nothing is scheduled at the moment.

Missouri weather, man - it drains you and discombobulates you (a new favorite word of mine). One day it is beautifully sunny, or raining and warm, or whatever the case - the next day it is below-freezing and snowing/sleeting, and by week's end it could go the other way again. Ridiculous. I am surprised I have put up with it for nearly 38 years (aside from the times I lived in Indiana, or Florida, or Oklahoma).

Here's hoping everyone is well :)