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I put on Tiger Army "Forever Fades Away" after running through the "hair rockers" playlist, which has a total of six songs on it.

I also notice that I've had so much coffee that I cannot type right.


Tiger Army is not hair metal, though. It is on a different playlist. But I mention it because I discovered it on some Tidal recommendation when the AmTrak was departing STL when I went on the excursion "out West". The song immediately went through my soul, as the lead singer's voice is so melodic and emotional. I cannot place the other singer (from a different band) that has a similar voice, but they have a way of making me FEEL emotions that I don't actually have any type of easy access to.

Another song that does this is "Because of the Shame" by Against Me!, which is performed better in the music video that Laura Jane Grace (pre-transition) did when it was just the acoustic guitar + vocals - no other instrumentation.

Now I am crashing out from coffee :/

Go check those songs out, because they are really good.


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