Decided to bust out the Rossi pipe and have some Double-pressed Kentucky tobacco, and it was about a half hour (slow) smoke, and it was downright delightful. Just…yum.nnIt’s 4:00 AM now, I slept from about 10:00 until 3:15, so that isn’t *too* bad. I woke up from tooth pain because I forgot to take Ibuprofen before I went to bed, so I woke up, took one, packed the pipe, and puffed away :)nnI’m pretty excited about the TIN T2 headphones arriving today. I’ll snap a pic and put it here on the bloggo when they get here. I think I *might* also order the “silver wire” (I forget the actual name brand or whatever) for the T2’s, as well. I need to know what connection measurement the actual earbud units are, so I can order the right size (I think there are four sizes with this particular make/model wire). Why a new wire? (you might ask) well, because the default wire included with the T2’s is braided but NOT in a secure fashion, so it *could* become UNbraided, and that would drive me friggin’ nuts. The “silver wire” is securely braided (and is all copper throughout, and is just nicer-looking, in general). The wire in question is also only about $25, anyway, so not an expensive upgrade, at all. And I can order it at the same time I order the HELM Bolt. So, some *nice* upgrades to the head-fi setup, indeed (very BIG upgrades considering I rock the Apple EarPods the majority of the time out of sheer portability/convenience).nnBack to the morning

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