I got up, started dishes, and made my way to BP and bought a bag o’ chips (because I do not feel like a grocery store jaunt right now), and a Red Bull, and two packs of Luckies, and another Bic lighter. So, I’m the poster child of health over here this morning ;)nnThe Red Bull will be for later. The chips I had along with my medication, because my meds tend to hollow out my stomach, and are intended to be taken with a meal. A Lucky has been burned, and the morning has begun.nnNice day, indeed. Sliding glass door is wide open, floor fan is running, central fan is running, breeze coming through – delightful.nnNo direct plans for the day. Doctor appointment has been cancelled (through no fault of my own), and must be rescheduled, for April most likely.nnAnd at some point, I will list the television set on CL, as there is no use for it in my life (it just *sits* there). nnback soon

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