bath towel, beach blanket, or bed comforter

I ordered a shower towel from this week. It arrived yesterday. And, as advertised, it is a "full-sized" towel. Soft as pampered velvet (though, not velvet-like in any way). I tossed it over the shower rail, and used it for the first time today.

Wow! The thing is friggin' HUGE! Nearly 4-foot long, I would imagine. It was like toweling myself with a micro bed comforter! And plush as a porn star's pillow, lol!

So, I am glad I bought it. Previously, I was just using whatever t-shirt I was changing OUT of as my go-to drying method post-shower, as I wouldn't change back INTO that shirt, and when it was dampened down, I would toss it into the "clothes pile" in the corner of my closet. Now, I have a dedicated, always ready, on-demand towel for a single purpose and single purpose only, and though it will be washed weekly, along with all my laundry, it will remain dawned atop the shower rail, for daily use. I'm not prude or snickety enough to need to use a DIFFERENT towel every. single. time. I have a shower. Ffs I am toweling off clean soap water! LMAO!

For several years (five years, exactly), I used a Microfiber towel from REI, that was roughly 2 foot x 2 foot. It was highly "packable", and came in a small mesh carrying pouch, had a fabric loop on said pouch, and a carbiner. 100% camping-related garb, and non-luxurious for home life. It lasted me those years, and I loved it, and it got me "dry enough" (not like the target towel I have now), and it (the microfiber towel) took up NO room in the laundry. But, it eventually began to fray and tatter on the edges, and I think I used it to wipe down camping knives a few times, so cuts and incisions were scattered throughout the fabric. I pitched it over a year ago, and hadn't replaced it until the target towel arrived yesterday.

So there's some things about a towel. Coffee has been drank and I had to write stuff about it.


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