So, I am sitting here after having a discussion about Venmo, and the payment system we use to pay my therapist (as the appointments are virtual (through Google Duo) and therefore the payments are virtual (through Venmo)), and it got me to thinking about how *I* can be doing a better job at managing my finances, in general. nnOf course there are no issues setting aside X amount of dollars for therapy on a bi-weekly basis, that is a must, but, I can be doing a LOT more in terms of money management. nnRight now, the system is simple: make a budget, get paid, buy what’s needed for the time being, stock up, hope nothing goes wrong (lol…sigh). But I can be doing more than this.nnSo, there is a thing I am fairly interested in (that I have an account with, get the newsletter for, and have access to) called the Revolut Card, and it amounts to a sort of international (and primarily online) banking entity. It’s not a scam, or a pyramid scheme, or this or that – it’s just a bank with very good rates, no overdraft fees, and is more or less the “Robin Hood” of banking applications. What I mean by that is, for *years* (generations, really) people wanted to “get into” the stock market, without broker fees, without minimum investment, etc. and it was 100% impossible for anyone other than those who had the money to burn to do so. But Robin Hood made things cheaper/easier by removing a lot of red tape. Revolut kinda/sorta does this with banking, in terms of removing overdraft fees, better interest rates, no minimum required to be held in the account, etc. nnSee, a traditional bank *always* causes me to go broke via A) overdraft fees ($30-$40 each charge – when it *knows* I do not have that money to begin with!), B) minimum balance required (usually $50+ (like, yea, let me just NEVER spend $50 of my own money)), C) fees for using an ATM *every* time I use an ATM (usually $2.50 to $3.50 per charge), etc. And none of that is remotely economical for someone in the income bracket that I am in. So, a traditional bank makes almost NO sense to me. Revolut fixes a lot of those problems.nnAnyway, I am not a financial advisor in any means (other than I 100% handle my own money, and at times it CAN become a juggling act) – I am just saying that I, personally, can be doing things in a better, more efficient way and I plan to do so in the future.nnBack later

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