6:00 AM, thunderstorm overhead, second cup of coffee consumed. I stood outside and sipped the second cup until I nearly barfed, because I was just enjoying the falling rain *that* much.nnThe sky occasionally lit with lightening, wet mist grazed my forearms, a cool, humid breeze filled the air with that brilliant storm weather smell (we all know what that is).nnNot a soul outside right now. This could be considered a “dreaded inconvenience” for some working folks. It’s the lifeblood and “reason to live” for others. I had no epiphanies, or brilliant concepts pop into my mind as I stood outside, hammering down the coffee – in fact, my mind was blank.nnIt was (and still is) a very nice experience (my sliding glass door is wide open, still witnessing the rain).nnmore later

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