(an expansion on [“Normalcy As Content”](, doing mobile blogs. It’s satisfying in a *different* way than a regular keyboard. But satisfying, nonetheless. nnI’m thinking about normalcy this morning. Normalcy in life, and how I have become (and I guess just *am*) normal again. Normal by *my* standards. As *I* see myself, and how I wish to see myself. Whatever qualities or/and shortcomings I have, I kind of just played the cards dealt. nnAnd this is good. Better to play the hand(s) dealt (pros or cons, for better or worse) than try to do/be something I am not. Or try to (pseudo)ambitiously be a *thing* I cannot or am not meant to be on a platform or some place. To not win anyone over or “prove” anything. To not fall victim to vanity (day-in and day-out). nnIt’s no mystery that I am referring to social media addiction (and me) (should be a damn book title, lmao!), and my continued recovery from it (from social media addiction). It’s an ongoing, and forever changing thing, and recovery always is, but, it is what it is, and I am ok with that. nnSo, I’ll sit here. In the sun. And write stuff sometimes. And be happy with normal. nnBack soon. nn![](

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