The battery on the Moto G7 Power doesn’t last the 3+ days it used to. Now I am charging it every other day. Granted, I *use* the device all day these days, but it should still eek out three days, I think. It’s a 3,500 mAH battery, but it is a 2+ year old phone. Either way, when I get the Cricket Wireless hotspot, I am turning this device into a call/text only device. I don’t need to waste time messing around in the web browser on it or anything – the MacBook can do all that.nnAnyway, it’s 7:25 AM, and I had donut sticks from the vanding machine for breakfast, because I am low on breakfast food (unless I wanted fruit for breakfast, again), and now I am having even more coffee. At around 10:00 AM I will text and confirm the therapy appointment for noon, and at around 8:00 AM I will see about arranging a ride to make a run to the grocery store. Chances are it will be therapy first, store run second. It’s all good.nnTime for coffee

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