So, I went ahead and activated my Venmo debit card, which may or may not come in handy in the future. And it apparently has an actual Banking # and Routing # affiliated with it, so I may be able to add the Venmo card (or account) to the Revolut card/account. I don't know at this point. But, everything I need to manage Revolut is on the app on my phone, so I just stashed that card (the Revolut card) away with my birth certificate, COVID-19 vaccination card, social security card, and a few other documents in a sealed plastic bag in my closet. It can be a savings/safe-keeping type of thing (that is, if I can add funds to it at some point in the future). Also, the Venmo card has been put in my wallet, but why I put it there, I do not know, as I am not going to make it my "Primary" card any time in the near future. There are some easy ways to put Direct Deposit onto the Venmo card (allegedly), but I am not going to do that, yet.

Anyway, ideally I would like to invest in some things besides precious metals (which usually ends up be just plain, sterling silver). I'd like to have $$$ stashed away as available/liquid funds, as well - hence why I have the Revolut card (which incidentally also has ways to do investments baked into the app, as well). Essentially, I just want to have monies set aside, saved, invested, whatever the hell - for a rainy day.

Just taking note