And as the coffee goes through my blood (or, the caffeine), and I listen to first The Beatles, and then Nirvana, I sort of think that whatever "Rock" is, or at least was, tends to be difficult to seek out these days. Like, I'm not deliberately avoiding new types of music, or new bands/artists, it's just that there is not a lot that comes across my path. I am reminded of what someone once said to me in sixth grade: "what The Beatles started, Nirvana finished". Of course whatever was implied by that statement is still kind of a mystery to me (I think it was my friend Nick L who said that to me back then). Looking back on it, I sort of think he meant the quirky elements of self-expression, and abundant experimental creativity that came with a lot of music at one time. Things tend to be more "mechanical" now, in some ways.

But that is neither here nor there

Anyway, the coffee is good. Iced coffee this go 'round. In fact, I didn't drink any hot coffee today. A rarity for me, for sure. But, I didn't have the time or patience to make any today. I am going to make a bit in a little while here. And I bought a large container of Folgers instant at the store earlier, too. Looking back on it, I don't know why I didn't buy the Schnucks instant, but...whatever.

Now, the water heats for coffee. And I will likely just pull an all-nighter. I got perhaps an hour of rest around 1:00 AM before the furnace woke me up. I'm a cold sleeper - heats never works with me when I am sleeping.

At around 10:00 AM tomorrow the HELM Bolt will be delivered via Amazon, which was purchased through the moms Amazon account, after I gave her the $100 for said purchase. There is a way to order the HELM Bolt through HELM's website, but for whatever reason they are charging $20 more for it there, and also I didn't have the money on the card to buy it there, and ordering from Amazon in this scenario was simply easier. But anyway, I plan on having a decent music listening sesh when it arrives, so I am going to stop listening to music for Right Now and more or less save my energy/enthusiasm for such a session for when it arrives.

Coffee is ready, and it is piping hot so it shall cool for a while.

on plain text

I should save these words for after I read the Derek Sivers article about his take on plain text files, but I will opine on what I think before reading whatever he has to say, and then perhaps say (write) a few words after I've read it.

I've been a subscriber to Derek Sivers blog for something like two years, and when I switch to a different RSS reader (first Feedly, then Feedbin, and now 1Feed), I will always re-subscribe to his posts, because I find them fairly interesting, informative. I've merely seen a blurb of what he had to say about the subject (the subject of plain text) on the "preview" thing on 1Feed, but I get the gist that he is professing a penchant for keeping everything he writes in a simple plain text format.

But whatever he has said (which I haven't read, yet), I will say (for myself) that I like plain text, in general, but am also a VERY big fan of Markdown, because I can put whatever into italics, or bold or do a highlight or whatever I like, and make things a little bit more interesting. Or at least it is more interesting for ME to re-read, look back on, and it has a sort of "pleasing to the eye" feel to it. I also only started to take advantage of the Markdown (language? format?) method a few years back, and literally every word I wrote in any text editor anywhere from 2002 (or even before) until 2019 was in simple plain text. In terms of talking (writing) about whether I am "for" or "against" plain text is a preposterous thing for me to do, because it's just a thing that is there - I don't have very strong feelings for or against it.

And while I am on the subject of "text", I will say that I am a pretty big "fan" of the Monospace font. Even going so far as to dig into the files on the theme for this blog (this blog here that you and I are reading right now via Ghost software), and replacing all the "Helvectica", or whatever, fonts that come as the default for this particular theme and manually changing each and every portion to Monospace. I can't, however, change the Ghost editor, itself, to Monospace (not that I am aware of, anyway), so I am still writing in Sans...something or other. And I dig Monospace because I am definitely a big fan of retro computing/gaming, and Monospace sort of reflects my interest in that subject, and blogs are (or this blog is) a form of self-expression, so it kind of makes sense, in many ways.

And, holy shit, 900+ words so far, and I just started the coffee! I will continue on, though ;)

But what is obvious, or at least obvious to me, in the recent DS post, is that the idea/belief/method of keeping things in mostly (or completely) plain text format is a fairly untraditional approach to writing files in 2022. There's a LOT of ways to do things now, and more often than not, I see folks writing out blog posts, journal entries, or even short notes in "code" editors, such as Sublime Text or Atom, or whatever. And when I am not writing a blog entry on Ghost, I keep everything in the Joplin app in Markdown, and in Monospace, or in Standard Notes (for shorter notes) in plain text but in Monospace, as well. I would be happy to use Markdown in SN, but I haven't sprung for a Premium version of the application (yet), so I do not have that "Freemium" feature at this time.

And it is true that there are some fairly original ideas out there regarding how to "blog", or even write in general. Such as the P.O.S.S.E. method of publishing online (Publish on Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere), which I kinda/sorta "get" or abide by, but really it is just me publishing on my own site (which happens to be self-hosted in this case), and syndicating basically nowhere. Haha. There is an RSS feed for this blog, but no type of promotion or outer-links are created on my behalf to "spread" the word. I haven't figured out how to remove the "Share" buttons after each post (for Facebook, Twitter, and some other service (whichever it is?)) on this particular Ghost theme, but eventually I will poke and and remove them, unless I just opt for an entirely different theme altogether (the latter being more likely).

And also there is the "digital garden" or/and "second brain" approach to note-taking, keeping tabs on oneself via written form (which I think those two things are different, but I do not know). Which, from what I understand, is a running archive of articles read, videos watched, podcasts listened to, notes and ideas written by the person, and sort of keeping everything in one, big, "live" document (to be updated/changed any any given time). That's cool. I can't do that (in fact it would drive me fxxxing crazy), but I can see where that could be useful to someone who consumes a lot of content.

Then again, I just write out everything I think about, or care to write about, right then, and sort of maintain an ephemeral "life log" of whatever happens to be going on with me at any given time. A fair amount of what gets written here is probably fairly uninteresting to most folks. And in the end this journal/blog serves two purposes: for my own reference at any point in my future, should I ever feel the need to go back and look at whatever happened to be going on at any point in my life, and to also "let go of", or not concern myself with, whatever happens to be bothering me in terms of deeper psychological issues. To say that keeping a continual journal that speaks candidly about myself, and past issues, and things that need not be stored "in the brain" has been a cathartic thing for me to do, would be an understatement. I oftentimes feel like this form of therapy has helped mental scabs becomes merely scars, and helped scars fade with time, and even certain memories become obscure mental "blips" of times passed. Who I've been, what I've done, things I've encountered, things done - the majority of which gets written here, and then kind of not revisited unless I make a conscious effort to do so.

And perhaps there is more utility to it than that, but I don't really see a precise use case for it (the blog, the journal).

Essentially, whatever gets written gets written. And ideally it helps me understand things about myself and the world a wee bit better. And if people read it, come across it, derive value from it, terrific! But I'll be here, hammering out text (in Monospace and Markdown) whenever and wherever the sun may be shining. And enjoying myself while doing so :)

back soon