Decided to let the new desk rest a little bit, and migrate my blogging station back to the kitchen for a while. I feel most “at-home” writing at the desk/island in the kitchen, it feels good. But during the day, when the sun is shining in through the window, it sort of makes sense to be at the desk NEAR the window at those times. Night time, kitchen.nnAnyway, I have the sliding glass door cracked open a bit, and have the fresh air permeating my apartment, *and* I have the heat running, so that is somewhat wasteful, but it is what it is.nnFeeling slightly distraught with things these days. Well, not “these *days*”, but tonight I feel discontent with the state of things. Web3 of course puts a damper on most everything (IMO) because it’s the same old shit of influencer culture finding a new (*and improved*!) way of cashing in on their (Internet) fame/celebrity (usually on the backs of their following/followers), while anyone not in that upper echelon of popularity (which is all it is – no one is *actually* better than anyone else) may as well not exist. nnMe? I feel that influencer culture was the biggest mistake (even if it was a byproduct – either way, here we are) of the WWW in the past decade+. No one talks about this, though (certainly not if the person is in fact, themselves, an influencer) – they just keep on paying for the party, or, supporting a system that benefits them (and they do not rock the boat).nnBut, also me – I feel that Web3 is nothing more than the medium which someone (or some people) of influence can scam and scheme their following into “bidding” or “buying” a thing (which usually has zero intrinsic value (and isn’t “special” in any way)) OR they will just “cut the shit” and flat out ask for donations via Patreon, Venmo, or some obscure cryptocurrency system to “support their work”. In other words, give them money for existing.nnKeep in mind, that the further Web3 takes off, the further people keep propping up some system of cryptocurrency-based bias towards those of “special” status, the more cryptocurrency “money” gets consolidated into the hands of a rare few individuals. No wonder so many people adopted the Web3 narrative – it benefits those already “in the spotlight” of the Internet. So, someone paying someone (or some business or entity) in good old-fashioned Bitcoin, or something like that, will be a relic of a time gone by, because that’s how markets work. Much like the WWW promising to be a “true democratic medium” for the voiceless and marginalized was disassembled with the invent of social media platforms, the promise of a “society-disrupting system of cashless, anonymous, decentralized form of money” will be (or IS BEING) disassembled through the invent of the Web3 narrative (and the services that enable them).nnThat’s my take.

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