I don't know what to write about, so I will just text hammer some stuff until I think of something pithy to remark on, haha.

For me, it seems that since the tooth pain had gotten real bad (around two weeks ago), and then the tooth extraction happened, and then I put all my attention and focus on the pelvic pain/injury/whatever, that in this time the Internet has mostly just "stopped". Like nothing noteworthy has occurred on any blogs, or anywhere that I may frequent from time to time (small blog platforms and whatnot).

Of course this is only in my world - other people probably have backlogs of dozens of articles to read from X amount of weeks ago, and things could not be busier.

But, whatever. There are fast/busy times (or "eras") online, I think. For me there are (or were) anyway. And I've talked about them in the past - late-90s AOL Chatroom "era", and the 2009/13 Twitter "era". Both are what I would consider a sort of constant high computing - or, never being "let down" when it came to sitting down in front of a computer. Always something there.

So those were fun times (past tense), but they have long since gone by.

I'm not going anywhere with that observation, just a thing I decided to point out.

nothing else for now. Back later.