I remember writing a blog post by this same title in 2015, in early-January, when I had crossed the 100K word mark of writing the *Job Corps Rule!* book.nnIt had been a long, and daunting, and strenuous, and stressful task to get there – as writing any type of significant document drains the life (and the goodness *of* life) straight out of a person (or it did for me, it may be a life AFFIRMING activity for someone else).nnI had *all* this mental clutter, and I just wanted it to be GONE. The editing process would happen at another time, but then, as I wrote out the “back to basics” blog post on my little laptop in Starbucks on Delmar Blvd at 6:00 AM, I felt that the “hard part” was over. And in hindsight, it was – but it also marked another series of events in my life: the realization that the psych medications I had been on for close to a year were NOT working properly, that I, in fact, did NOT like living in the city, and that a psychological relapse was on the close horizon. Grim realizations for me, all of them. nnBut, I had what was in front of me. The journal (blog), the catharsis of not needing to DO a thing every day, day-in/day-out, the fact that my enthusiasm for my newfound rekindling of minimalism was only intensifying as the days went on, that I still had ten(10!) more months on my lease to “figure out” what I was going to do next, how I would proceed in life. Things weren’t as grim as one might imagine.nnSo what is *this* blog post? What is “back to basics” in regard to in the Here and Now?nnWell, nothing really. I just recalled the title (and the morning of writing said title) of that blog post in early-2015 and thought I would tell a small story.nnBut in my life, Now, there is nothing “usual” or “common” or “basic” about the events surrounding my life. New life is in the family (my Great Nephew!), I am on a prolonged (purposefully) weight loss journey (not losing too much too soon), I have my health, always improving my diet, web development continues to be a great fascination for me, my apartment (my home) is becoming more home-y by the month – things are good.nnSo, no room to complain. I WOULD like to make *things*, items which I own and the habits I conduct on a daily basis – *those* things are always good to whittle down to the essential, boil them down to their bare necessities. Or, get back to basics.nnI should get on that.nnBack later

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