Saw the NP (Nurse Practitioner), and the good news is, there is no hernia and there are no growths in that region. Very good news :)

Bad news is, there is a type of infection (which I will not go into details about) that will require 10 days of antibiotics, and I have to schedule an ultrasound for possibly later this week. The ultrasound is to confirm that there are NO growths (because she said things "can be missed").

So the crap news is that there is an infection, and that I will (in all likelihood) be in pain until the antibiotics clear up whatever, but the very good news is that there are no growths + no hernia. Hooray!

So, what a relief :)

I swear, I have been an unfocused, nervous wreck for the better part of 10 days waiting to see a doc and confirm/deny any fears I had, and I am still is bad pain, but it will be cleared up soon, so, good.

Anyway, it is the time of the month for the monthly bill payment schpiele at/around midnight, and I will be up a bit past midnight for that. No other special/particular orders need to be made, other than a pair of Sanuk Vagabond Trippers hemp shoes (so I can preserve the NB kicks for hikes and hikes only), and then a cadet hat (because I need a good hat!). I am also going to order a new tobacco pipe, as well - either a Missouri Meerschaum "Cobbit", or go all-out and get a Savinelli 673 (the same model the late-Matches 860 used to smoke). But likely, the Cobbit (due to it's low pricetag). Tobacco junk will be ordered, too - pipe cleaners, Louisiana Red bulk tobacco, and perhaps one other blend to accompany the pleasant weather, which would be an aromatic because I always have an aromatic on hand when the STLWX turns nicer :)

That's it for now. Back soon.