So, I went to Hillsboro, Missouri earlier today and saw a dental clinic out there (a dentist), and they agreed to send me home with antibiotics for now, but I have an appointment to get my back molar (upper-right) extracted in one week's time. So, I went to the pharmacy, picked up the antibiotics (as well as my stomach meds), and then went to Schnucks for a couple things (incl pipe cleaners - yay!), and am home sweet home now. Basically, we are not 100% sure if the root is infected, or if it is absessed, or what (or he didn't tell me if he knew what was going on), but amoxicillin is necessary, and judging my the X-ray they did, it seems that the tooth is chipped up to the nerve ending, as is right on the cusp of the sinus cavity. So, we have to be careful.

For now, I am having ice cream (or did have ice cream), simply because I was looking forward to it, not because ice cream was necessary today (no extraction), and also have ice coffee on hand, vegetarian pasta for later, etc. And the antibiotics I have to take every eight hours, so I have to be diligent about that, indeed.

No other plans for the day. It's crazy gusty outside, wind chimes are going apeshit, clouds are moving in, it's humid, and the STLWX is getting colder as the day goes on. Tomorrow we are allegedly getting all this snow and hail and ice, but I do not see it happening, really. The overnight temps would have to drop by 30 degrees for that to happen, but, rain I can definitely see.

So, as of Right Now, I am preparing hot coffee (Folgers instant).

back soon