Got home, with Dyson vacuum in-tow, as well as clean laundry, and pockets full of things like Exedrine Migrane medicine (basically just really strong Tylenol), proper tax-filing paperwork, etc.

So, I made an appointment with my PCP (Primary Care Physician) to see if I need steroid shots for my back, or what the hell to do with it, as it re-injures itself every single Winter. That appointment is mid-March. I also tried to schedule an appointment for a tooth extraction (or/and antibiotics - which may happen before), but the dentist office was not answering, and just keeping me on hold :/ I will call back.

Now, I just walked in from BP, and met a nice lady who lives in my apartment complex that I have said "hi" to a few times before, named "E" (for anonymity sake) and she is from Brooklyn, NY. Nice to talk to, friendly. I also have to mail off the tax paperwork here shortly, and I will be sure to do that before the mail arrives tomorrow (I will get it in the outgoing box this afternoon, actually).

The floorlamp has not arrived, yet. It was in St Peters this morning, then in St Louis, but not out for delivery. Why not? I do not know. So I guess tomorrow? I have no idea.

Sunny here. 53 degrees. Not too much on the agenda, but it has been a busy day.

Vacuuming and cleaning my apartment later, that is for sure.

back soon