So, good news, I am home from the ultrasound and have already received back the results of said ultrasound and there are NO GROWTHS, nor any other issues with that region. So, I am definitely relieved.

I also stopped at Schnucks and picked up some groceries, but not near the amount I had planned to, because it was going to be mostly fruit, and it was rotten fruit city in that store. Organic oranges, Kent mangoes, Gala apples, avocados - they were all decaying on the shelf. So, I just got bananas and Fuji apples, and that was it in terms of produce.

And, today is Day 8 of the antibiotics, and as the results confirmed, the thing going on (or had been going on) has cleared up, and I certainly don't feel any symptoms anymore, so I can focus and actually think again. Thank Dog!

So, a good day, indeed. The sun is out, 41F and warming up still. Tomorrow it is supposed to get to 61F, so, even better!

No special plans for the remainder of the day. Tomorrow I have therapy (virtual) at noon, and then me and the moms and my neice are going to an animal rescue shelter to drop off blankets, supplies, food, toys, etc. Cool cool cool.

That's about it for now. back soon :)