Another daily update, haha. nnMade it to Schnucks, bought what I needed for the day, but not Starbucks Double Shot Espresso, because apparently they do not carry it any longer – not cold and not in the aisles, either. Completely absent from the shelves. And I didn’t want to haul home an entire carton of International Delight Iced Coffee, either, so I just got soda. Stuff for grilled cheese, vegan sausage patties, a good pancake mix (better than the trash Hungry Jack I have in the pantry right now, anyway), and also some overpriced organic peanut butter (the kind you have to mix). The PB I have had before, and it is delicious, but at $8 a jar, it is hardly worth it.nnNothing too exciting happening right now, but a nice, sunny morning, either way 🙂

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