Organized some stuff for donation at the 'rents (just a couple boxes), and threw away a bunch of stuff, and for the most part just sat and talked for a while. I also kinda/sorta found out where I will be going for a tooth extraction in late-February, at least that is the plan. And now I am home and waiting for a phone call for some paperwork I have to pick up in order to properly file my taxes, which is tomorrow (cutting it close!).

Also, I received a nice e-mail from a blogger friend of mine who notified me that the Ghost CLI requires specific updates that are not effected by the standard sudo apt-get update / sudo apt-get upgrade commands, and he had good info in the e-mail, so I will dig into that a bit later on, as well as look up Linode-specific documentation. But, I am using the same OS he is using (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) for this blog, so things will likely be similar to what he mentioned.

Now, I am sitting at home, resting my back, writing (of course), and getting ready to make a proper lunch, because I haven't had "real" food to eat today.

back soon