Still an awkward, icy walk there and back. Much less ice and less snow, and more importantly, less cold. I got a 6-pack of Diet Pepsi + a Mt Dew Code Red, as I have all the food I need for a while here in the apartment already.

As far as back admin, things are fine - no pain, no sprain, all is good :)

stuff to do

documents: I have tax paperwork I need to print out, so I will go ahead and download the PDF's and have them ready to go for whenever I have access to a printer. I will simply e-mail the docs to myself OR send them (through e-mail) to someone who has a printer and ask them to print them for me. Either one works.

mail: I will mail off the paperwork when I have everything and put a note in the envelope stating that I was the tax return to be held onto by the filer, and I will physically pick up the check, myself (so it doesn't get lost in the mail)

bank: when the return comes in (usually within a few weeks) I will make the trip to Crystal City, Missouri to get the check, and then make the trip back to S County to cash said check not far from where I live (at a central bank type of deal - I don't remember the name).

paying what's owed: I will then give most of said tax return monies to the moms, as I owe her roughly $420 (which A) sucks that I won't have that money anymore, but B) I am thankful the tiny loans here and there were avail throughout the year - no regrets).

back soon