Got stuff for the day (food), and some beverages (a soda and even a Monster Zero (blue) Energy Drink). I started dishes before that, and now my apartment is filled with the smell of dishwasher soap (why it is so potent, I do not know (it is not usually like this)). I also turned off the furnace, and opened the sliding glass door, as the temps are slowly rising.

I cracked open the Monster Zero, and the smell/taste is absolutely delightful. Incredible life nectar, this stuff. But, I only pick one up maybe once a month, because the shit is a heart attack in a can. I'll slowly nurse this over the course of an hour, and even then my stomach will be in a knot, and my heart rate will probably come close to 100 bpm (resting). I seriously despise the effects of this stuff, but the flavor is fine, and in extreme moderation is tolerable. Careful is good in this regard.

The sun continues to shine, the birds continue to chirp, the wind continues to gust (heavily), the temps continue to rise, and I try to think of what all there is to do with the day.

back soon