Got some simple stuff (incl coffee), and have already had a cup since walking in the door. It’s sunny here, and going to be warming up throughout the day, which is fine but I wish it were cold, holiday, Xmas weather, instead. Can’t change the weather though, so…nnI feel good this AM. Nothing particularly special planned for me, but I will find a way to amuse myself one way or the other (probably through writing and other random BS, haha).nnIt seems that [Matt]( has made some progress with [](, and that is exciting, and I fully plan on making R.a my new “home/hub” for when I get online. Now, I consider R.w.a to be my small “home” (well, this blog is, really, but I spend a good deal of time on R.w.a, as well), but I could see creating what Matt is calling a “Buddy List” on R.a of blogs I like from W.a, and just reading everything from those (so I don’t miss anything), and still popping into R.w.a here and there to find *new* bloggos to potentially add to the BL :)nnIt’s like combining, as well as into a W.a ecosystem. Pretty cool. nnBack soon

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