3:33 PM already. Day has flown by, but I was zonked out the first half of it anyway. But, they inspected the apartment, and as far as I know, I “passed” (there were no issues that they mentioned, and the place is organized and clean as it always is). The inspector was loud/talkative, wanted to know a lot about the photos I had on the wall that I took when I lived in St Louis. nnAnd then, I went over to Schnucks, got a bag of thin-cut fries and a couple sodas. I don’t need much food for the time being, because I have terrible indigestion, and I won’t be eating much until tomorrow anyway, so…nnAnd Now, I sit and write and think of prior apartments I’ve lived at in the past, the neighbors I met, the pros and cons of the apartment properties, etc. I would say that this property is the best “middle ground” in terms of nice community, and well-maintained property, and affordability. St Louis (in the Shaw Historic District) was pricey (for what I had, a tiny studio that costs the same as a lot of one-bedroom apartments in STL), Pevely Pointe (before and after that) was oddly pricey, and the residents didn’t exactly “wind up” there, but were more or less “allowed to live there” because I am sure many of them had past convictions, and evictions, and probably gang affiliations, but there were no real “background checks” involved with that property, because no one else wanted to live there, and moving back there was a terrible mistake, but I gave it a second chance from having lived there previously when the property was *real* good. Before that, Sunset Point Apartments in Crystal City, Missouri. A fine “first time apartment” type of place (for me), but I lucked out in terms of which unit I got, because some units were worse than others, and even mine had a number of issues over time. That was a “I wound up here” type of apartment complex, when I look back in hindsight.nnBut this property that I am at now is fairly decent. The floors in the *first* apartment I lived at here were decimated and terrible, and in my opinion shouldn’t be rented out to anyone. Who knows if that unit ever got the issues fixed properly? The floors damn near made the place unlivable.nnOn another note, the soda is delicious, the day is nice, the sunshine is coming in through the sliding glass door, the AC is blasting, the floor fan is running, and I feel pretty good.nnNo immediate plans this week. Will find shit to do, sometimes, hopefully. And I will update as I go.nnback soon

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