I went to Schnucks, bought grub, incl mangoes (been a while), and as soon as I got home and had a cheese sandwich, my stomach medication arrived via delivery pharmacy (I am *so* glad I was here when it showed up!). So, I took one, and am waiting for my stomach to settle over, because I had thrown up three times yesterday from eating…anything. 100% mandatory I have these meds everyday.nnNow, I am waiting for the leasing manager to swing by and check the structural integrity of the balcony. I really don’t see it passing *any* inspection of actual quality, but they will probably write it off as “not falling down”, so they can give it high marks. This place is trying to secure a multi-million dollar lease (the entire apartment complex, itself, that is) and a 35-year extension with the same ownership. And to be honest, I don’t care what they do/don’t get, I won’t be sticking around a whole lot longer.nnNo big plans for the day. As per usual in a place like this.nnback soon

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