back from Independence Center - now time for "pre-barf" coffee ;)

Well, I hope to not get sick. But, I had pizza earlier, which means coffee is off limits for the following three hours if I want to not puke. And it has been ONE hour, so...

But I returned from IC, and it was great. Stayed busy the entire hour - inspecting First Aid Kits throughout the building, and things related. Awesome :)

The coffee is good - delightful. Folgers Noir. Bought two things of it this morning.

I also got Tide Pods, Irish Spring soap, and other various items for life. Incl a flashlight (neat!).

The 8673 pipe I mentioned before shipped, too. TY Eddie Gray of The Pipe Nook!

3:00 PM now.

Will get a haircut soon

Tomorrow I call Metro to arrange for a ride to/from IC for Tue and Thur of next week. I have a dedicated "pinned" reminder on my phone home screen with recent info about IC. I use Google Keep, because there is both synchronization + I can pin a note (can't pin (on a homescreen) with SN). I need "glanceable" information. So, that works :)

I also have the alarm set for 7:25 AM on Tuesdays, and will make another for Thursdays (same time). I want to be up and 100% ready to go for IC on those days.

And done and DONE! Android Clock is so easy to navigate. I just went to the 7:25 alarm, and I tapped the T for Thursday, and now I have that alarm set for Tue and Thur. Easy peesy.

Everything else (expenses wise) is taken care of -

all bills paid, rejoined Tidal (no more ads!), ordered the pipe + two tobaccos, toiletry items are taken care of, Schnucks giftcard was bought (for me) for the month ($150). On and on.


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