Be it the humidity, or the overcast clouds trapping in the Earth's heat (which is a real phenomenon, apparently), or whatever the case, it wasn't that cold of a walk up there, despite it being 28 degrees. I didn't need to wear the cloth COVID mask on the way in lieu of a wool buff, and didn't even need gloves, really. A stark contrast from yesterday when I walked into my apartment with red hands from low-grade frost bite from walking to BP and back with nothing other than razor thin Gortex gloves. Sodas were bought, and smokes, and I am good for the day.

Speaking of Winter gear, I meant to buy LL Bean wool mittens this year, but now the STLWX will likely be warm by the time I eventually ordered them/received them, so I will not bother this year. The Gortex gloves will work fine for the remainder of Winter 2022, I think :)

In fact, being the frugal shopper I am, I am already looking forward to Summer clothes, because buying Summer clothes in Winter means they're on discount, and vice versa. But it isn't much of a shopping spree, really - just a pair of (cool looking) camo cargo shorts and a plain white tee. I mentioned this in a blog post already this morning, but I am looking forward to swapping out certain clothing items for other clothing items, because what I have now is a bit uninspiring considering I've owned most of my clothes for 2+ years. It's like the opposite of "fast fashion". More like "slow style". Or "snail's pace preference". LOL!

life can be easy

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