This time I got a Diet Pepsi and an overly-rich package of carrot cake Hostess donuts. The donuts I had three of six, because they were incredibly rich, so I can save the other three for later. Tasty nonetheless.

In a few hours, I will head out, go to Crystal City, Missouri, retrieve the tax check (as I mentioned in the last blog post), then go to the 'rents and do a load of laundry, then Missouri Central Bank, order the HELM Bolt, stop at Schnucks and get some necessary grocery items, and then back home.

Also, the "Daylight" lightbulbs are arriving today via USPS from Home Depot, and then everything else I ordered is arriving tomorrow, except for the cadet hat (from Etsy), which will arrive Monday.

And, I took my antibiotic this morning. In a few minutes I will take my stomach med, as well as my (new) psych med, as I do not like taking any meds at night, as I am much more of a medication morning person, lol!

back soon