Just got a 1 Liter of Diet Mt Dew, instead of two separate sodas, because…just because. It was a nice, sunny, windy walk, and it is still windy out there – truly breathtaking seeing all the multicolored leaves going everywhere in the air. Awesome.nnAlso, the laundry is done. So it has been a somewhat productive morning ;)nnDev stuff, I miss being able to make daily plans for what I *wish* to accomplish with web dev stuff (even if I do not always finish what I set out to do 100% of the time). Bringing up the hotspot, again, I cannot wait to receive it. Will make life significantly better, for sure.nnAlso, I am pricing fire extinguishers on Home Depot, because it is what the moms wants for Xmas. She said her current model is some years older than *I* am(!). Pretty sure they are expired after nearly 40 years, so, it’s time she gets a new one. They are surprisingly affordable. I don’t know why I thought they would cost $100+, but a 2-pack costs around $30. Damn.nnDelightful day. Back later.

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