A sunny, cool, beautiful walk to/from the store. Got Lucky Strike 100’s this time, because I will be low on tobacco here soon, need to make due with what little cigs and Solani pipe tobacco I have, that will last me until Wednesday. Pain in the butt, as is smoking in general.nnBatteries have been put back in the scale, and I am at 213 now. Not bad. Been as low as 210 in the past several months, but 213 isn’t bad considering I’ve barely been able to walk (like, at all) in the past month. Good diet keeps the number low 🙂 But, I will be walking more, hiking more, and losing more weight soon enough. Good times.nnNow, I sit inside, Lucky in-hand (when not typing), and fresh (instant) coffee brewed, feeling good.nnAlso, I rethought the living room setup a tad – I will keep the chair, ashtray stand, and faux fireplace to the immediate right of the living room (upon entry), but the desk, speakers (which will be on stands), and the new TV (“new” to me, anyway – and extremely grateful for) will be across the aforementioned items mentioned. I’ll take a photo when it is all said and done, to show what I am talking about, but, suffice it to say, I will basically have an easy chair facing the television set that will be atop the writing desk (for the time being). I need a small (*very* small) television stand at some point, but until then, the desk will have to do.nnSo, things are coming along. I feel good. Life is OK.nnBack later

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