Went to Crystal City, Missouri. Fetched the tax refund check. Went to Missouri Central Bank, cashed the check. Gave $480 to the mom, and then another $100 to the mom for the order of the HELM Bolt DAC/amp (which we didn't place the order, yet). Then swung by Schnucks and I got a few things (incl iced coffee). Now, I sit and sip iced coffee as the sun slowly sets in an overcast sky.

Been a decent day. The Daylight light bulbs got delivered, too. The rest of the deliveries arrive tomorrow and Monday, as I mentioned in a previous post. The light bulbs will be put in the bathroom, as there is a three light bulbs light fixture in there, and there is but a single bulb (working) in it, and I do not want to get caught in there with no light, so it was definitely time to fix that. And I can highly recommend Daylight light bulbs (by any co, but I buy them from Cree), because the brightness output mimicks that of actual daylight. Extremely bright, no shades or tones to it whatsoever. I have one in the kitchen, and one in the kitchen above the stove, and both of those going at the same time puts off a LOT of light in that area of the apartment. In fact, it's unnecessary for me to have a light (lamp) of any kind in the living room now, because those two bulbs put off enough light to illuminate (correct spelling?) to the entirety of the living room just fine.

OK, back later