A neighbor, *the* neighbor (“S”), the 70-year-old man I always shoot the breeze with, I saw him at the mailboxes and he said he needed some things from BP (he is basically a regular there, too), but he said he didn’t want to take the chance of getting rained on, as black clouds were forming in the sky. I told him I had no problem making a trip to BP for him or/and getting rained on, because the #stlwx is warm enough for such a thing to be pleasant. nnHe said he would deeply appreciate it, and handed me money to fetch him a fountain soda and a few other things, but also included an extra $10 bill and said “get something for yourself”, which I immediately declined, and he then insisted he pay me for a rainy trip to the store. I told him it wasn’t necessary, but that I *was* broke and needed cigs, so I would take him up on the $10 offering, but that I would pay him back by the end of the month. He was ok with that, I was ok with that, and off I went. nnA fountain Diet Pepsi (50%) and fountain Diet Coke (50%) mixed in the same Medium cup, with a medium amount of ice. That was his order. nnSo, I did likewise. On top of the two packs of (cheap) Edgefield non-filter cigarettes, I sprung for a Medium fountain soda myself. Same concoction. Delicious, indeed :PnnI dropped off his beverage at his apartment, along with the other items he needed, and then started back home *just* as the rain started. And I took a different route back to my apartment from his, near the pool area (which I have only visited once before in the 5+ years of living here). It was quite ideal, pleasant, quiet along that route. And at the bottom of the stairwell, I saw a large bush of flowers, similar to the one I photographed and posted on here the other day, only this one was full of *light pink* flowers , and in the middle a bunching of red roses ! Cool! I promised myself I would head back that way when the sun comes out again and snap a photo of it. Neat discovery!nnSo now I am back home. The warm rain ️ has finally arrived, which it has been “wanting” to do for the past three days. And I am sitting in the AC, but will soon head back out to the (mostly dry) balcony for a cig. nnA smol impromptu bit of activity, always welcome. nnOh, and the clothes are finished from laundry. Changed before I even went to the mailboxes. No more laundry day/scrub clothes for me! LOL! nnBack soon

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