Hello. It's been a while (over a week). I am good, I am fine. A handful of updates have been made about this and that over at tmo, so peep out that bloggo for a handful of things going on in the past couple of days + what went on for the past week (well, a certain extent of that has been touched upon on tmo, but there is much more to be recollected, written about). But, I am back in STL, feeling alright. Resting, recovering.

So, updates in life:

  • First some direct and deliberate updates to this blog's server - I need to run the sudo apt-get update + sudo apt-get upgrade commands for the VPS, itself, and I also have the run an update for Ghost software using Ghost CLI (within the Terminal, itself, of course).
  • Then, I have to clean up and do laundry here at the TMO Estate, and continue to ice my foot, and bring down the swelling, even though nearly all blisters hve subsided other than a heal blister. A LOT of walking has been done in the past several days, and I got in my steps for the months already, I think.
  • I have to take note of my current body weight. I was at 199 (down from 244 over two years ago), but I am nearly positive that I am closing in on 190 now. Which is good and that is my "goal" weight, and a weight I want to/have to maintain, as it is ideal for my body type/height. Weight loss is quite easy and prevalent when one walks nearly non-stop for two days straight and has little food whatsoever during that period. Hard times (like the Paramore song!)

other things can/will happen, but this is just a fast update

more later