Managing the pain in my back is a thing I do now (or, for now). The muscle tightness gave way to butt cheek nerve sensitivity (which is weird), and I have been "treating" the nerve sensitivity (or pain) with some good, solid "wollups" (or close-fisted strikes) to my own outer rump, which tends to make the pain go away for a while - either due to altering a fluid buildup of some kind in the muscle tissue, or whatever the hell. The back pain (muscle tightness) has disappated greatly, though, too - so, it's not all terrible. And eventually I may have to make an appointment for Urgent Care to see about a prescription to muscle relaxers (though, a direct injection of a muscle relaxer via hypodermic needle is probably uncalled for at this point). So, I will look into that if it comes to that. I hope it doesn't.

Also, I have been "treating" the pain by sitting on solid surfaces, such as the desk chair (which has a very thin layer of padding and everything else on the thing is solid metal). This chair is friggin' awesome, by the way. I have had it since late-2016, and I received it from my sister, "C", as it was downstairs at her house and it was just... there, separated from a desk and not being used. She said I could have it, so now I have it :) And what was once a porus (sp?) material, made of some soft, rubberized plastic, has now turned into a rigid, cracking plastic (probably due to skin grease being absorbed > drying > absorbed > drying, again and again). There are rigid cracks all over the (sky blue) plastic, and soon the whole damn thing could crumble away, leaving but a skeleton of chrome-colored steel. There is some type of foam padding beneath the plastic, but it has long since worn down to near nothing - barely adding any extra comfort/protection to whoever is sitting in it.

But still, the best chair ever. I haul the damn thing from the living room, to the bedroom "writer's nook", and back again a couple times in a day, like a true minimalist - or, like someone too cheap to just buy a second chair (which will happen at some point in the future).

back soon