My back still hurts. Or at least the nerve endings in my lower-back are still hurting. I doubt it is bad posture, and this all stems from me re-injuring my back (in the same spot it hurts itself every single year) when I walked to Schnucks one day in single-digit temperatures. Soon I will see about getting a formal referral from my Primary Care doctor about possibly getting steroid shots in my hip, or lower-back, or WHEREVER, as long as the damn thing stops pulling a muscle (or whatever seems to be occurring) on a yearly basis. I don't seem to have issues in the Summer, but in the Winter, I do. Annoying as fxxx.

Anyway, I am listening to David Bowie's album "Hunky Dory", which is a brilliant album (I suppose it is my favorite of his), and just sitting back with a pipe and enjoying it.

Nothing special to write about tonight, but I may come up with some ish later. And in regards to the back pain, I order (good, reputable) CBD gummies tonight, as well. Not that the gummies are the end-all/be-all/cure-all for back pain, and I planned on buying them well before my back messed itself up, but I figure they will not hurt it (further) in any way. And I am quite looking forward to receiving them.

Sidenote: been a good minute since I heard Bowie's song "Life on Mars?", and wow - what a track!

OK, I'll be back later