Name that song. Actually, I think the lyrics go, “Baby, it’s 3:00 AM I must be lonely”, but the “ah” is accurate because it is sung in that typical (stupid) late-90s style type of lyricism.nnAnyway, it’s 2:00 AM and I am making instant coffee, and had a very nice bowl of VA/Per tobacco just now. nn**A word on the Thanx Project**nnI am about to write it off as something I am not going to get done, or even bother to work on anytime in the near future, because there are *so many* parts/elements to the service that seem (and are, for me) too difficult to implement. I am not “complaining” (I *made* the damn thing, why would I complain about a thing I made??), just pointing out that going much further with it is a futile waste of time, in my personal opinion, and I should stop (foolishly) BS’ing myself by saying “oh yea, one day I’ll do XYZ – just not today”, etc. etc.nnThe fact is, my passion and interest in the project has gone far astray in the past several months, and I just don’t care to really fuss with it any longer. But, what’s *there* is *there*, and I am not going to take down the project, as I *might* want to tool and tinker with it once again in the future, but the likelihood of me just “all of a sudden” having a rekindling of interest in the project is not not likely, from where I am sitting.nnSo, there’s thatnnI still do (and will continue to learn) web dev stuff, as it is a *very* fun new hobby, but having a wholesale unique SaaS product to undertake, and manage, and “NEED” to work on, build, do all this stuff to – it’s more of a chore than anything else. And I have never been a “programmer” (I’ve never even programmed a clock), and I have never been a “coder”, either (aside from the few times that I had to hack together a “this might do this if I use that along with it” type of copy/paste job). But I *would* say that what I’ve done, and continue to do, *is* “web dev” (web development), because…that’s what it is.nnAnyway, it is also yet another thing I will not feel guilty about (or feel the need to be held accountable for), as that is not what a “fun hobby” is supposed to be about. I mean, it sounds like I committed a CRIME ffs! LOL!nnBack soonnn#dev nn

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