Have no special plans for the day, but I managed to make it to the leasing office and ask them a couple Q’s about some apartment stuff, and on the way back, I stopped at a neighbor’s apartment and BS’d for a little while. Just getting oot and aboot.nnThe mail should be here soon, and the wall tapestry with it (as well as some bills, hooray ;))nnI love Informed Delivery, tells me what to expect in the mail, makes life somewhat easier on occassion. Convenience.nnNice day, bright but overcast. Cold, but not freezing. Decent.nnI also had a Google Duo call with the moms a bit ago, including my Great Nephew (who is standing on his own now!), and that was fun.nnFeels weird, not having anything to do, and not having the urge in the back of my mind to *do something*, as I have mostly sequestered (sp?) the urge to “get busy”, because there is nothing to get busy *with* until I get my WiFi (hotspot) in the apartment. I’m not “suffering” or anything like that, but I DO like to stay busy for the most part. Be it with a zine, or web dev activities, or simply journaling, whatever the case – I don’t like to *just* sit.nnA day in the life. Back later.

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