I used to be real cynical. About a lot of things. In very few ways did these concepts or “perceptions” of cynicism hold up. Over time, they lose their grip, or, I *shake* myself from the grips *of* these views, and I just cheer the hell up :)nnIn 2012 for example, I was **a** cynic, as in, I felt I could carry that title around like a damn badge on a name tag – “TMO, cynic extraordinaire”. I nearly prided myself on how convoluted and corrupt I could make such and such institution or business sound when in conversation with people. It was gross.nnAnd to a certain extent, my *views*/*beliefs* were kinda/sorta founded, I had *some* reasons to be that way – social media was on an astronomical rise, people were still siphoning off any and all of their information to Big Tech(TM) with reckless abandon, the very distant fumes of “DOT COM Bubble 2.0(TM)” was still amidst in the air, the economy. There was a sort of “way it is” attitude towards things. But, no one wants to be a domestic “creature” of Earth, nor have the days of their lives be predictable or/and safe. People want to DO things, NEW things, EXCITING things, and things can get the blood going. Which is how/why any of those Big Tech(TM) co’s came to be in the first place.nnNow, in 2022, with me seeing things different, with Brand News Eyes (pardon the capitalization of the letters – but I *had* to make the Paramore reference ;)), I can honestly say that though tough/rough times could be ahead for some of the dominant co’s out there (some may go away entirely (e.g. Yahoo and AOL back in the day), but I think most will continue on in some form or fashion (not like 2012-era or around those times, but, all the same)), I think if anything it lends credence to the fact that things “correct” themselves one way or the other. nnSo, here’s to hoping for better days ahead. In any way we see fit!nnback soon

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