These days, even though the writing has been waning (mostly due to my "perfectionism" or/and dissatisfaction with what I write (most things get written, then deleted, but that's how it goes right now)), I feel that my mind is fairly sharp. Like, I am on diligent "defense" against drifting off to some vanity-laced La La Land, and not wanting to peruse even random blogs, or DuckDuckGo'ing various things on DDG. I am just sticking with 1Feed, and a few other blogs (who have a weird "download this RSS" thing with their RSS, so I cannot add them to 1Feed (or at least I haven't bothered to configure it all) - so, I just manually visit their blog "oldschool" and type in the URL, and read it that way).

Vanity, though - it'll "get ya" when it comes to leaving socials. It's like a thought torrent of boredom, mixed with neurosis, mixed with curiosity, mixed with...everything. The "Fear Of Missing Out" was just that: Fear (which is illogical and bad). And the Missing Out part was the entire point of leaving social media to begin with. To just live and make due with what(ever) was happening in MY life. What was right in front of me (or that I could happen across ORGANICALLY online). In fact, it's why I was a part of Mastodon for some time (FOSStodon), because I wanted, no, I NEEDED to see some Twitter-like content, and I NEEDED to have a place to hammer a superfluous thought every now and then. Yes, more engagement there, MUCH better people, and it was just the fun parts of socials (kind of like how Twitter was in 2009-2011).

But, FOSStodon (and ALL of Mastodon) for me was simply a "methadone" of quitting the root cause of it all. To ween myself off socials, altogether. And, it worked! Happy I did it! That FOSStodon account is long gone now (been gone since early-2020, I'd imagine), and I think I fooled with for a little bit, too (stux is a friggin' awesome person, by the way - I even have their instance/profile linked in the blogroll here, even though I don't use/visit Mastodon, because stux is just that cool :)).

And also, I'd say in regards to the "indie web" or the "sub web", or whatever anyone wants to call it - you (or I) sort of get out what you put in. And by being off socials, I sort of "only" do the blogging thing. I sometimes see YT, as well, but their algorithms drive me fxxxing nuts, so I don't divulge too often. So, when things are "happening" on/with a blog, it's, like, "relavant news" to me. LOL! Like the old phrase (or quote, and I forget my whom?) that says something like: "how can these words mean so much to me, but to you they are only words?", well, to me the words mean a LOT, really. Maybe that's why old books (multiple centuries old) have so much weight, and pull, and lore, and legend behind them? They were some of the only words around at that time (you know what I mean by that). When text and correspondence, and all communication is whittled down to a passive "shit out this Tweet"/"spit out this response" level of...whatever, everything suffers. Words can be, and are, generally sacred (to some who are inclined to write a lot of them).

Anyway, these are just my words. For Now.

Thank you for reading them :)