I changed my avi/avatar – here and everywhere. I was just sick of looking at that photo of me in 1985 or 86 or whenever in that little yellow onesie, holding a piece of chocolate cake which I had appropriately smeared all over my face. I have no living memory of that photo having been taken, but it exists, so…yea.nnInstead, I drew up something to use as a replacement for avatars/avis/whatever the “cool” thing is to call them in 2022. Here it is:nn![](https://i.snap.as/AgYCLT3Z.jpg)n(out of focus, yes, but for an avi, it’s fine)nnI’ll call it “TMO bot”, because I just decided that.nnI wanted something akin to the old logo for a gossip blog called The Grumpiest from back in the day, and then I’ve seen other little hand drawn, toss-away doodles people have used for avis, and I’m like: problem = solved!nnThar we go!

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